Spiral Pipe Mill Making Machine/Thread Rolling Machines

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  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:Spiral Pipe Mill Making Machine

Spiral Pipe Mill Making Machine is designated to produce spirally but-welded steel pipe from steel sheets in coil or plate form, in step less range of diameters within the limits listed herein. Welding heads and other accessories are fitted on the mill to carry out both internal and external welds on the spiral seam and also on the skelp joints for continuity of operation. Automatic cut-off finished pipe, using either Oxygen-Acetylene or plasma cutting outfit, is provided.

Application:Industry, construction, pipelines for natural gas, oil, water, etc.

Capacity of the mill:
Pipe Diameters: Min.: 273mm(O.D.) x 2.66mm - 9.53mm(W.T.) /Max.: 3556mm(O.D.) x 2.66mm 19mm(W.T.)
Strip width: Min. : 508mm/Max.: 1575mm
Strip Thickness: Min.: 2.66mm/Max.: 19mm
Coil weight : Max. 25 Tons.
Coil Dimensions: Internal Diameter: 500mm/External Diameter: 1850mm