Slitting Line Pipe Making Machine/Pipe Making Machine

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  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:YTL1/YTL2/YTL3/YTL4

Our engineering shearing lines are made compact and easy to operate, the operation has been automated to the fullest to save labor.

Our latest control system will provide digital DC servo. This system is a fully closed loop system of precise cutting and positioning, controlling the actual length by feedback. This system works by one-touch button operation and an one-line system directly button operation and an one-line system directly connected to a computer. This is just for the customers who wish to have high work efficiency with less labor. The illustraion shown above are controllers to make a cutting machine follow a fed sheet, by a set length extremely accurately without stooping the latter and then to return the leveller to a predetermined position. Furthermore ,since two cutoff-length-setting can easily be changed during line operation. Whatever your next coil processing project, call at an early stage in your planning. Let us put our experience to work for you.